Spoken Word: Post-Human Neo-Tokyo

Poet extraordinaire James Jewell (Ships Made of Fake Fur, Corrupt Press) made a video of our impromptu spoken word evening at the Belleville Park in summer 2013. The voice in the background is mine, a bit tipsy, performing my piece Post-Human Neo-Tokyo (Neotopia / Neo-Tokyo… The city doesn’t exist anyway), a poem inspired by Akira, the 1988 anime feature that blew my mind all those years ago. The sound clarity dips and spikes, and there are some great background noises (demonic children voices, Evan’s demonic laughter), but that adds a certain schizophrenic flavour to mine ears. All the people you see in the video are the amazing poets of Paris Lit Up and Paris Spoken Word. 

And below is a different recording, captured in collaboration with musical genius Jonathan Arena who plays with Underground Canopy, illustrated by an Anime Music Video experiment I put together with Windows movie maker back when I had patience for such endeavours.


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