Published in the Belleville Park Pages

It’s an exciting time to be in Paris. I’m not sure that’s true but it has a nice, historic-moment feel to it, that phrase; Hemmingwayesque, maybe. Anyway, I’m excited, is the point. Lots of good poetry being generated here and at the peak of this monsoon heat wave, a new lit mag has broken the surface: The Belleville Park Pages. It’s something between a pamphlet and a chapbook, a map and a literary magazine. It’s a bi-monthly publication featuring contemporary poets and prose-artists on the Paris expat scene (ie: schizos, cultural hybrids and the generally bohemian). You can pick it up at the Monday Paris Spoken Word gig, the Thursday Paris Lit Up gig, and in selected bookshops. Check out the Belleville Park Pages FB for details and submission guidelines.

I’m excited (so much excitement today!) to say my piece I’d Love to Get to Know You was selected for the first issue. You’ll also find work by a dozen sterling wordsmiths, most of whom I know personally and who are solid, yo.  The price tag is 2€ and the value for money is unprecedented, unimaginable, staggering… I need a thesaurus to express the full scale of this value for money.

In a nutshell: buy it, support the troops, and enjoy.



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