The Who.

“Normal” bio

Yann Rousselot is a translator and writer living in Paris, originally from England, but also from Brittany, and more realistically from nowhere at all, being an expat-brat with serious issues of cultural schizophrenia. His childhood could be likened to falling down an escalator made up of 13 schools in 8 countries scattered across 3 different continents. Graduate of the Sorbonne (Language & Literature) and the University of London Institute in Paris (Translation), he is a regular spoken word performer at Au Chat Noir, Culture Rapide, and le Bordel de la Poésie; a fire-spinner; a gamer; and a book nerd with a palate for SF&F.

His prose and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the following print and online publications:

AUP’s Paris/Atlantic Journal
Shoots & Vines
theNewerYork’s Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature
The Bastille Magazine
Thought Catalog
The Belleville Park Pages
Two Words For
Poet & Geek
Gard Poetry Journal (Turkey)
Pretty Owl Poetry
Bridge Poetry Magazine
Paris Lit Up Magazine
Canopic Jar
Those That This
The Opiate
At Large Magazine

NB: I don’t refer to myself in the third person IRL.


“Wacky” bio for Marketing purposes

velociwriter. tricerapoet. translatoraurus.
my rhymes are internal organs.
i am not afraid to neologize.
do not feed the tigerbears and sharktopi.
i punctuate, sometimes
i do all of this on purpose.







yesrousselot [at] gmail [dot] com

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