Four poems published in At Large Magazine

At Large

Big thanks to Chris Campanioni and Malik Ameer Crumpler for making this a reality, and of course thank you Florida Man, the gift that keeps on giving.

Click through to read about Florida Man and Electrovulva.

At Large Magazine is dedicated to creating “collectable content through contemporary visual dialogue along with commentary on art, travel, fashion, and men’s lifestyle interests — and to have fun doing it.”

Three poems published in The Opiate


If like me you are fascinated and intrigued by the super-heroic antics of Florida Man, two of my latest poems on the theme are online at The Opiate, alongside some stellar writing by Malik Crumpler and Samuél Lopez-Barrantes. Check it out and follow the magazine on Facebook and Twitter if you want some meaty, narcotic writing in your feeds.



The third poem, Hug Drugs, will be featured in the volume 9 Spring print issue, which you can pick up or order online on The Opiate’s website.

Runaway Poets spoken word series, ep. 8: Yann Rousselot (2 poems)

Wonderful production by Steve Nahaj, who partied with us on Nuit Blanche to capture these wicked shots of Paris by Night. “The Museum of Miniatures” is featured in my collection Dawn of the Algorithm (check the side-bar!), and the second poem will be included in a chapbook I am currently working on, 100% about Florida Man’s and Florida Woman’s adventures in Florida, in collaboration with fellow poet Cecilia Llompart.

Check out the Runaway Poets series for some quality spoken word and a glimpse into the lives of writers across the world.

Two poems published in issue 10 of Those That This


Two of my more dark and distressing poems, Nightlogic and S.E.T.I., are online in issue 10 of Those That This, an excellent underground literary magazine curated by fellow poet and spoken-word artist Malik Crumpler.

Malik has been curating fantastic poetry, music, and visual media for a number of years, and the fruits of his work are all free to browse, so be do yourself a favour and check it out.


Postcard Poem Published by The Field Office Agency


My short poem Vertigo didn’t make the cut for the 2016 Postcard Prize in poetry, but you can check out selected works on the Field Office Agency’s Flicker account. A beautifully diverse range of poetry, all short and otherworldly. Be sure the check out the winner and finalists here.

Motion Poem: A ROLL OF FILM

Last year I collaborated with talented motion design artist Lola Bögelmann and beatmaker Ajy Meteor (AKA Joe Wayne) to create this crazy cool little video. The poem, Film, is featured in my debut collection Dawn of the Algorithm. Here it is for your ocular and auditory pleasure.

If you like this vibe, feel free to check out my motion poem Post-Human Neo-Tokyo.

Published in Paris Lit Up Magazine vol. 3

Happy to say my saucy, somewhat twisted poem “Dark Side of the Clitoris” is featured in Paris Lit Up Magazine volume 3. I sadly missed the launch party, being abroad at the time, but you can see pictures of the damage here.

Paris Lit Up Magazine is the print-baby of an independent, non-profit organisation who fund publishing projects out of the tip-jar at thursday PLU poetry readings and magazine sales. They aren’t in this for the money or the lulz, they are in it because they believe in giving everyone a voice. The project is built on a creative-commons copyright structure, because the PLU team believe in creating art to reach everyone, to share, to recycle, to keep alive and not just as a commodity.

Here’s the pitch stolen from PLU’s website:

“Paris’ premier literary revue is back with our third issue. With a special edition foldout cover adorned with artwork by the Spanish talent María Argüelles, 200 full-color glossy pages filled with poetry, short stories, artwork and photography from the best names in contemporary art and literature, look no further for the finest independent, non-profit publication coming out of the City of Light today. As an added bonus, you’ll also find 16-page special contributions curated by Paris’ best reading series, Ivy Writers Paris and Poets Live. And, If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a surprise special edition of Belleville Park Pages included inside each issue.”

So there you have it: it’s a great deal, 200 pages of great writing, gifts and bonuses, all for the price of 2 beers.

Check out the list of contributors and pick up a copy here: