Published in Paris Lit Up Magazine vol. 3

Happy to say my saucy, somewhat twisted poem “Dark Side of the Clitoris” is featured in Paris Lit Up Magazine volume 3. I sadly missed the launch party, being abroad at the time, but you can see pictures of the damage here.

Paris Lit Up Magazine is the print-baby of an independent, non-profit organisation who fund publishing projects out of the tip-jar at thursday PLU poetry readings and magazine sales. They aren’t in this for the money or the lulz, they are in it because they believe in giving everyone a voice. The project is built on a creative-commons copyright structure, because the PLU team believe in creating art to reach everyone, to share, to recycle, to keep alive and not just as a commodity.

Here’s the pitch stolen from PLU’s website:

“Paris’ premier literary revue is back with our third issue. With a special edition foldout cover adorned with artwork by the Spanish talent María Argüelles, 200 full-color glossy pages filled with poetry, short stories, artwork and photography from the best names in contemporary art and literature, look no further for the finest independent, non-profit publication coming out of the City of Light today. As an added bonus, you’ll also find 16-page special contributions curated by Paris’ best reading series, Ivy Writers Paris and Poets Live. And, If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a surprise special edition of Belleville Park Pages included inside each issue.”

So there you have it: it’s a great deal, 200 pages of great writing, gifts and bonuses, all for the price of 2 beers.

Check out the list of contributors and pick up a copy here:


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