Yes, strange title. This is a strange one.

So a colleague linked me this vocabulary test by the University of Ghent. (I got 83% the second time I did it, this particular time I got 73%, which was quite a blow to the ego.) It’s clever and really challenging, I recommend you give it a shot. One of the perks: the software generates fake words that sound almost credible. So I ended up with a list of semi-realistic computer-generated nonwords…


So obviously I wrote a tragic love poem using as many as I could.


I kissed her hemcrack,
chelublerously, her smile atrulant.
The stecatil slope of her engid,
was simply stenalning.
She looked into my clumpery
with the neuvel eyes of a gisho.
My propudets were on fire.
She took a sharp breath, awtich,
the samboard between us stoftwase,
a thermokoid glistening constossly
in the cantydrass of our bungstourness.
It was an apeant love song,
krombope with corcadable mowergantness.
The rebraratois, so French, so sengeily,
falling across her naked ubtramamoid.
A dreabb flango of spearbite, forever.
Adieu, Pililodas.


3 responses to “VOLCABULANO”

  1. Did the test, got 76%, which was surprising, cause I thought the words I said ‘yes’ to were simple words. Haha!

    Anyway, awesome poem!

    1. I know how you feel ^^ it’s a deceptively simple test. Well done, we are in the “clever person” segment, so yay. Champagne!

      1. Haha! We ‘have’ to be, or not it would be shameful as a writer.

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