Published in Bridge Poetry #2


One of my love poems published in Bridge Magazine #2, a map-style, neatly folded, cardboard magazine published out of Portland, Oregon. Reminds me of the Belleville Park Pages, in format (a trend is born…) and features an octopus on the cover… Beautiful.


2 responses to “Published in Bridge Poetry #2”

  1. Two comments. First: definitive proof that Walla Walla exists (look closely below the Octopus. Second: so this is the BPP rip-off from the guy who quit PLU because he was against copyleft? Actually three comments (and the last is the most important): Go Yann Go!

    1. Walla walla is real! Secondly, I have no clue, but am excited to be embroiled in a conspiracy/scandal/thing. And thanks šŸ™‚

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