Published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, vol. 2

Good tidings: my poem Notes from Across the Lithium Bridge was published in volume 2 of Paris Lit Up Magazine.

Brought to you by Paris Lit Up Press at the affordable rate of 10€, PLU magazine is a collection of contemporary work by some seriously good writers, poets, artists and photographers, all wrapped up in a beautiful coffee table edition. Featuring John Hegley, David Leo Sirois, Alex Manthei, Pansy-Maurer Alvarez, Samuel-Lopez Barrantes, and many more.


The magazine was put together by the PLU team, who it is fair to say represent one of the pillars of the Anglo writing community in Paris today. They do more than most realize: curate a calender of events, host workshops and open-mic nights, publish a magazine and soon collections of poetry, and generally militate for budding writers with the selfless energy that only true fanatics can display. (It takes one to know one.) It’s been a pleasure and an honour to know them, work with them, and now to be published with them. Check out their website where you can pick up copies of the magazine, and as always to keep up with what’s happening in the Paris writing scene.


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