When I lost my imaginary son to diabetes,
he already had a severe disability and a problem with obesity.
He was born with a cleft foot and Republican values.
Born because I could not afford an abortion
having been indoctrinated into a sectarian Megachurch
which cost me all my sub-prime mortgage savings.
Lesson learned.
I could not stop myself from breastfeeding the child soda,
an addiction I contracted due to an obsessive compulsive disorder
that caused me to smoke copious amounts of crack.
I’m the victim here, but no one really cares.
Lesson learned.
I slammed a Zeitgeist-inspired poem about the NSA
and coincidentally, my imaginary wife was kidnapped that very day.
She was water-boarded for being Iranian
and they even killed our imaginary Pomeranian.
Lesson learned.
I used to think and write about heartbreak,
blades of grass and the nacreous ghost-faces of seashells,
about all the priceless flowers on the roadside
of the information superhighway
but I now know there are certainties in life
such as death, taxes and the real-world need
for search engine optimisation.
My online presence has grown accordingly.
Lesson learned.


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