Post-Human Neo-Tokyo featured in TwoWordsFor

TwoWordsFor2So there’s a new digital literary magazine in town. It’s mean. It’s lean. It’s a mish-mash, hodge-podge, bric-à-brac type of binary-code Frankenstein stitched together with thread made from lolcat guts by the talented editor and poet, Alex Manthei. It’s got poems, stories, photos, animated art, illustrations… The common thread, the RED THREAD (to borrow a French expression), is the notion of homage. Each piece is a wink or a nod or a shout out to another piece of art, tracing the lines of creative heredity, of inspiration. That’s quite cool, methinks.

My homage to Akira is a wacky one, one of my favourite, and I really enjoy performing this one because I get to pretend to be a futuristic, god-like monster and destroyer of cities (my greatest ambition).

Evan Knight’s poem The Game Where we Pretend to Be Things is a moving, roiling, but at the same time quietly powerful homage to Moby Dick.

Francesca Whitlam Cooper’s short story The Quiet Limit also has some seawater in it, dealing with the pain of geographic separation (it’s a hard-knock, expat life), inspired by the works of Tennyson.

It’s free, available online, smooth to navigate, and even has pictures for the “TLDR” people. You have no excuse not to read it. ^_^



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