Published in the Bastille Magazine vol. II

Bastille vol. II

The Bastille Magazine, edited by David Barnes and his team of superheroes (Bruce Sherfield, Troy Yorke, Suzanne Allen and Pearlann Porter), is a bi-annual literary publication showcasing some of the top dogs of the Paris spoken word scene. It is organised thematically around the word (and world of) “Dreams” and features some truly excellent writers including Evan Knight, Alex Manthei, Alberto Rigettini and David Leo Sirois to name a few. Within the pages of this snazzy-flavoured, multicoloured, illustrated little gemstone I have discovered a range of talented word-smiths from all walks of life, and I am proud to be published alongside them.

Now for the narcissistic aside: The Museum of Miniatures on page 21, and Opiates on 69, are two of my favourite poems and are intimately tied to this city and the lit scene it is home to. In a nutshell, my creative works over the past two years were built on the bedrock of inspiration and challenge this environment provided.

Buy a copy at Shakespeare and Company or at Le Monte en l’Air bookshops, or check out the website for additional info.


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