Decoding the philosophical subtext in financial translation segments

Sometimes, at work, I find meaning in the strangest places. Then again, maybe I put it there myself. In translation, especially when you use software that chops up text into bite-size nuggets in disorder, “segments” are interesting because they are isolated, taken out of context and, honestly, could mean anything. If you play around with them long enough, you begin to see the numerous paths they can take you.

I should probably be working harder.


Total reste a réaliser
Total remaining to do

Reste au-dela
Remaining beyond

Reste a dépenser
Remaining to spend

Ecart plan à fin de
Plan deviation at end

Itération version nulle
Version iteration is null

Au-dela dernière marge connue
Beyond last known margin

Répartition dernière activité
Last activity breakdown

Plan au-dela
Plan beyond


2 responses to “Decoding the philosophical subtext in financial translation segments”

  1. Au-delà du réel

  2. Quand je pense à tout ce qu’il me reste a réaliser, à dépenser avant de passer au-delà de la dernière marge connue… Je frissonne!

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